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Syntax (autogenerated)

statestart stop
spotyes no
expansionyes no
factoryes no
rgbyes no
cmykyes no
conversionyes no always
pagecolormodelauto none name
intentoverprint knockout none


state start stop global local
conversion yes no always
reduction yes no
rgb yes no
cmyk yes no
mpcmyk yes no
mpspot yes no
textcolor name
split c m y k p s no name
criterium all none
intent none overprint knockout



Prevent some issues with transparency:



This sets the complete document (global) to 'overprint' (or 'knockout'). Only useful for grayscale only documents.

Don't set this parameter, if you want to use local overprinting (or knockout)!

The \setupcolors setting is far older than the PDF/X or PDF/A related output 'intent' parameter in \setupbackend. No direct relation other than that both parameters are prepress options.


See also

\setupcolor \definecolor

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