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Here are a couple hints on typesetting Vietnamese in ConTeXt, using the fonts from vnTeX. Download and install the vntex, vnr (type1), and vnurw packages from that site (unzipping into texmf-local or the equivalent should suffice).

Here you can find a Vietnamese version of LaTeX in proper ConTeXt.

TODO: where is ConTeXt, an Excursion in Vietnamese? (See: To-Do List)

Add the following lines to your source code (or better, to your local cont-sys.tex file): Assuming you want to input UTF-8 documents by default:


Set the default encoding to the Vietnamese encoding:


Load the map files for the t5 files in pdfTeX:


Unload the default CMR fonts:


With that setup, you can use one of the following preset typescripts:


Vietnamese guide is available at: VnOSS Forum

(Quy, all, I strongly recommend not following or propagating the instructions regarding the reorganisation of the directory structure of the file as shown on the above linked page: the Linux directory structure is old, and is superseded by current ConTeXt releases. ConTeXt tracks current changes in tetex and TeXLive, which are more definitive than found in, say, Fedora. --Adam)

Yes, I see. But I can't have the latest tetex now in Fedora distribution, and I haven't time to compile tetex-beta from the source :( So it's the only solution which allows me to have a working system for ConTeXt :) Maybe I'll try TeXLive later. Thanks. -- Quy

Ok! Just installed teTeX-beta-20041128 and ConTeXt works well now :-) --Quy