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Syntax (autogenerated)



[...] name


Activate a palette previously defined with \definepalet.


\definecolor[green1][r=0, g=1,   b=0]
\definecolor[green2][r=0, g=0.5, b=0]
\definecolor[blue1] [r=0, g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor[blue2] [r=0, g=0,   b=0.5]



\section{The Praying Mantis}
\color[english]{Praying Mantis} (\color[latin]{Mantis religiosa})

There was never a greater mistake! Those pious airs are a fraud; 
those arms raised in prayer are really the most horrible weapons, 
which slay whatever passes within reach. The Mantis is fierce as 
a tigress, cruel as an ogress. She feeds only on living creatures. 

\section{Sacred beetles}
\color[english]{Scarab Beetle} (\color[latin]{Scarabaeus sacer}).

The edge of his broad, flat head is notched with six teeth arranged 
in a semicircle, like a sort of curved rake; and this he uses for 
digging and cutting up, for throwing aside the stuff he does not 
want, and scraping together the food he chooses.
\rightaligned{---Jean-Henri Fabre, trans.  Mrs. Rodolph Stawell}

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